Industries of the Blind

Industries of the BlindIndustries of the Blind – Greensboro has been a quality manufacturer of office and janitorial supplies for overĀ 70 years. Whose mission is “to enhance the opportunities for people who are blind to achieve greater vocational, personal, and economic independence.”

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IOB – Greensboro was one of the first agencies employing blind people to become associated with the National Industries for the Blind (NIB) in 1938, and we then took our current name, Industries of the Blind, Incorporated. As an NIB agency, the number of product items produced by our employees increased and the number of employees grew to 35 blind people during World War II. During that period of time the first portion of our current building was constructed on West Lee Street, and a group medical plan and other fringe benefits were made available to employees.

IOB, Inc. entered into its first one million dollar contract in 1962. Additional important contracts followed including those for clipboards and pens in 1968. Along with the growth of work opportunities came additions, improvements and renovations to our building. Today IOB, Inc. employs over 100 employees in various manufacturing and service direct labor, supervisory and management positions. From our very beginning, our directors have believed in reinvesting excess earnings in the purchase of new equipment, the development of new products and the improvement of quality to create and sustain jobs for blind people. Our Executive Director attributes our success to “the hard work of IOB employees and the leadership of its Board of Directors that is extraordinary in its dedication to IOB’s mission.”